Place your advertising in front of an audience of Vietnam's young, intelligent, trendy and consumer aware youth. Buzz gives you a great platform to promote your products and services. Whether you are launching a funky new mobile phone, a beautiful upscale appartment block or the latest wheels to hit the streets, make sure you give it some Buzz.

Our Buzz word is accountability...that is, we'll help you plan an effective campaign, we'll track every click and every eyeball, supply you with reports, and tell you honestly what parts of your advertising are working...and which are not. Buzz is part of VEO Media, who's executives are probably the most experienced digital advertising professionals in Vietnam.

Give your Campaign some Buzz:

1) Site Sponsorship

Be a major sponsor of Buzz for a month or more. We'll give you all the advertising space on the site, we'll create pages devoted to your product and we'll help you make some 'buzz' in Vietnam. Give us a call and we will work out an advertising solution for you.

2) Display Advertising

We'll direct your advertising to whomever you think is most effective. Place your Banners and MPU's on the homepage for mass appeal, or target only Business and Travel visitors for a specific message to high-value visitors.

If you're not sure, talk to us and we'll advise on what will be the most effective Buzz campaign for your company.