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Online Travel:


Alehap.vn (Beta)

Alehap is Vietnam's first and largest travel deals community. Every day we find the best value flights, hotels and tours and introduce them to our lively members



Lipbaga.vn (Alpha)

Lipbaga is the social travel site, where members can share and discover new destinations, great beaches, fantastic city breaks and friends to travel with




Social Media:

Buzz.vn (Beta)

If it’s new, if it’s hot, if its being talked about, it’s got ‘Buzz’. Buzz is Vietnam’s only social site catering exclusively to hot and "cool stuff"



Casual Gaming:

CoVua Vietnam (Beta)

The natural home of Chess online in Vietnam, covua.vn lets chess fans of all abilities meet, compete and improve. Chess is hugely popular in Vietnam and the country regularly claims medals in regional and international competitions.

Sudoku Vietnam

In late 2006, we introduced Sudoku to Vietnam and popularized the puzzle through National Newspapers, magazines, books, the web and mobile. Sudoku.vn has become the spiritual home for Sudoku players in Vietnam.