Investing in Vietnam's

Digital Generation

VEO is the parent company of, the online travel service, inspiring Millennial Vietnamese travellers to see the world.

First to Market

Since 2008 VEO has been investing and launching "firsts" - from, the social news and bookmarking site, to digital influence campaigns for large brands, and of course our flagship travel service

Technology, data and brains!

We run business by data. Customer trends, opportunities, financial and metric models, underpinned with lean use of technology, keep us on our toes and ahead of the herd. We are always copied constantly by bigger, well funded herds!

Loved By Many

We believe in creating brands with personality. Not for the whole market, but for the right market. We look for love not likes. Our fans and customers love what we do, because we do too.


If you can't have a laugh then better you go home. We don't believe in silent offices and grumpy bosses. We're professional and at the same time can have a joke, play the latest tunes and as a result be creative for our clients and customers


Our services are designed to fit our customer. Sounds obvious. We don't believe in being 'online' OR 'offline' - since customers are not stuck to one medium why should we?! We do the hard graft across all channels to make sure we're accessible, wherever customers want us to be we're there.

Happy Shoppers = happy accountants

We know that if we do the best for our customers and our suppliers... the business flows, sales grow and our accountants have more $$$s to count. The goal is happy customers, the result is sales. That, we think, is the right way to do it

Passion in our Work

The Vietnamese consumer is fast changing, evolving and hungry to try what's new. Over the last 6-7 years VEO has worked on projects with Vinaphone, Unilever, Nokia.. as well as a portfolio of our own products, casual gaming, social news and travel. Through this direct experience, of both successes and failures, we have learnt what Millennials want and need, what design suits them, marketing timing, what is enough tech or features without being too much, what service they expect and what really pushes their buttons...


Date: 2010-01-01

Client: Alêhấp Travel (

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Alehap exploded on social media from day 1. It quickly become the influencer for a new generation of Vietnamese traveler.

It is the go to travel booking brand for lifestyle conscious 22-35 urban Vietnamese and their businesses. We count >600,000 as fans and tens of thousands as our customers.

The entire service designed with young Vietnamese professionals in mind. Blending both online and offline, we take the pain out of their travel plans. We've always been both creating a trend and riding it too!

Alehap Silk is our service exclusively for Companies. Catering for regular business travel as well as one-off company trips.

Our Partners


VEO Media is a vibrant young digital media company based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We produce, publish and run category leading websites for the lifestyles of 20-35 year-old urban Vietnamese consumers. Our goal is to inspire our clients, bring our partners strong business and yields, and establish our brands for the long-term.

VEO Media JSC was founded in 2008 and has been privately funded and invested ever since. The founders, Simon Christy and Nguyen Tuan Viet, both came together with extensive online and offline media experience from News Corporation in London and Tuoi Tre Newspapers in Ho Chi Minh City.  The digital market in Vietnam was starting up, the opportunities wide open and the potential enormous.

“Saigon is predicted to achieve 8% annual growth over the next five years [to 2022], becoming the second-fastest growing urban economy in Asia during that period” Oxford Economics Study

In the beginning VEO offered a range of Digital marketing services to corporate clients in Vietnam and overseas. Whilst at the same time building out a portfolio of properties in Casual Gaming (CoVua and Sudoku) and, one of the first and only social news and bookmarking sites in Vietnam. Despite 1 million unique users Buzz proved to be too soon for advertisers still fixed on offline and traditional news sites. However it provided the springboard and insight for VEO to create one of Vietnam’s first OTA’s,

Viet Nam outbound travel is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% between 2016 and 2021” MasterCard

Given the rapid take up of Alehap on social media and an insatiable demand for bookings, VEO reduced it’s holdings in other businesses and focussed its investment into  With a focus on ROI, smart growth, targeted investment, Alehap became the largest travel brand on social media in Vietnam. Firmly established as the go to travel company for 22-35 year olds the service is still expanding continuously today. The Vietnamese online travel market is still young and the potential remains huge for those with the stomach, smarts and willpower to win. We have that!

“Vietnam’s middle class will double by 2020 to 33 million people” Forbes

Our philosophy within VEO Media is to enjoy work, be creative, passionate and hungry for success. We believe that if you enjoy your work then this shows in what you create. We take great pride in producing every design, technology, editorial content and in listening to those that use our websites every day.

Our Team

Simon Christy

Simon Christy

CEO / Founder

20 Years in digital media and ecommerce business in Europe. Fluent in Vietnamese. Keen cyclist and tennis player.

Digital Ninjas

Digital Ninjas

The Alehap Team

    We're an awesome team of 22-28 year old Vietnamese covering all things digital!

    Music: Vietnamese love songs and lots of K-Pop!

    Drinks: Milk Tea

    Secret Love: Karaoke

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